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Clinical Rotations and Observerships

The majority of American residency programs require at least three US letters of recommendation and 3 months of US clinical experience.


Secure The Match specializes in providing hands-on clinical rotations and observerships to international medical students and graduates.


By working with our providers, you will hone your clinical skills in an American healthcare setting, with the opportunity to earn one or more Letters of Recommendation.

Doctor's Visit
Internal Medicine Rotation- Eastern Michigan

Experience being a PGY-1 intern at a rigorous American Internal Medicine program. 


  • Hands-on inpatient clinical experience, with supervision by the Chief of Internal Medicine at a hospital with an ACGME accredited Internal Medicine residency program.  

  • Interactive hands-on outpatient clincial experience, with direct supervision by an Internal Medicine faculty member & assistant professor 

  • Recieve up to 3 Letters of Recommendation  

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